Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The first anniversary of my obsession - pictures I saved to my PC a year ago.

This week will be the first anniversary, that I saved the first pictures of Eddie Redmayne to my computer. I don't know what was the turning point, perhaps that I heard his voice. Previously i've seen on television the dubbed version of the Pillars of the Earth. I liked Eddie in it and memorized his face - I recognized him immediately when I saw the trailer of My Week with Marilyn - but I became a fan only a year ago.
I love musicals, so last november I saw on YouTube the first Les Mis trailer (in which he didn't sing). I was really curious about how his singing and I found the video: Did you hear the cast sing? - LES MIS 2012. This aroused my interest even more. I typed his name into Google and started to research about what roles he played. I watched all his available films one after another. The more I learned about him, the more obsessed I became.


Has anybody a streaming or downloading link to the 
"Doctors - Crescendo" and the "Animal Ark - Bunnies in the bathroom" episodes? 
I couldn't see these yet.

Pictures are from my favorite blogs and sites.

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