Sunday, December 8, 2013

Eddie with fans - photos and quotes

I found some fan photos with Eddie Redmayne I haven't seen before. Here they are.

This new photo was taken in London, the girl on it uploaded to Instagram yesterday ( x )
She wrote: casi me muero (I almost died)

This photo is from Instagram too, it was uploaded on 8th December ( x )
Mummy met Eddie Redmayne! 

Eddie Redmayne Italy tweeted this on June 22. ( x ): 
This is REALLY the best pic EVER!! Eddie Redmayne and some redmayniacs, London

I found this photo on Twitter ( x ). She tweeted on May 14.: 
I met Eddie Redmayne at the Great Gatsby ballet tonight at Saddlers Wells.
My life = made!
Eddie Redmayne quotes:
About being recognized in the street: Most of my work has been in America and so really, until Savage Grace and Tess came out, I'd never ever been recognised. It's changed a bit and it's hilarious because there's that moment when people are half looking at you and you're half looking at them and not knowing. And I'm so bad with names and faces. The occasional times when people do come up to me and go: 'Hi', I always pretend I know them because I'm so bad with faces and names generally. Only after a few minutes in I realise they are someone who has seen Tess or something. Obviously, It's amazing when someone enjoys what you've done because you never really think anyone sees it so it's great when people come up to you. ( x )

“Very occasionally someone will stop me and go: ‘You’re an actor, aren’t you?’ Yup. ‘What have you been in?’ The Good Shepherd. ‘Never heard of it.’ Elizabeth: The Golden Age. ‘Never heard of it.’ Birdsong. ‘What’s that?’ You sit there, reeling off your CV, and they’re like: ‘No, no, no, no.’ So now, when they say: ‘You’re an actor, aren’t you?’
I just say, ‘No.’”

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