Wednesday, December 25, 2013

First day at Eton - gifs, photos and video link

Prince Willam and his classmates go to the first lesson. - September 6 1995
Video link: Eton College Documentary part 2
If you watch closely, you can find Eddie Redmayne in this documentary from 23:50
I made some gifs from the video and here are a few cropped photos too.
The original (and more) photos are here


Update 18th July 2014: More photos and gifs here

Update: Before Eton Eddie went to Colet Court prep school (via


  1. Oh my god, I think is my new favourite thing ever

  2. That IS NOT Eddie Redmayne. All the boys in that photo were in ALHG, Eddie was not.

    1. According to my source ( Eddie wasn`t living in the Manor house, he started there and then was moved to another house. He's only in the first annual Manor house photo, he's not in the others. The photo is in my other post about his first day (Update 18th July 2014 - link in the end of this post).

  3. ALHG is right your source is wrong. The 10 boys in Will Wales' year during F block are the same ten all through. They are Ehrman, Harding, Lowther, Marbot, Richards, Ruck Keene, Scott, Stourton, Wrightson and of course William himself. Eddie was in Clarks from the beginning.the bloke you're identifying as Ed is both flattered and insulted.


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