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BAFTA 2012 - photos, videos, articles

I found on YouTube a great newly uploaded video interview with Eddie Redmayne  from the BAFTA 2012 red carpet.
I decided to do a post about this event, when Eddie was nominated the Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award for
My Week with Marilyn. I made a playlist from the related videos. The first is the new one, followed by some previously uploaded videos, one interview from the red carpet, videos about the nominees, the announcement of the winner and
a BAFTA GURU interview with Eddie. He attended the event with his older brother James.

Photos source: gallery

Eddie and James Redmayne at the BAFTA Awards 2012 (source tumblr)
I posted these gifs already in my family post, but I couldn't miss them.

The Brit List: Interview with Eddie Redmayne on BAFTA’s Red Carpet
By staff | Posted on February 21st, 2012
Video: On the BAFTA red carpet last Sunday (February 12), Brit List host Asha Leo interviewed 
My Week with Marilyn star Eddie Redmayne, who was a nominee for the Rising Star Award.
What did he think of the lack of female nominees in his category? 

Metro article:
source: misskooky
James is in the background
Eddie Redmayne: I’ll beat paranoia for Bafta
Wednesday 11 Jan 2012 7:09 pm
...Redmayne told Metro: ‘Fame’s not really something that affects my life.
‘I travel on the tube and occasionally someone will stop me and go, “Haven’t I seen you in something?”
...‘I think it’s to do with training,’ he said. ‘Often, Americans go straight into film from commercial stuff but British actors either trained at drama school or have been on stage. They have played all sorts of different characters and accents.’
Having chosen Cambridge life over the traditional thespian route, Redmayne is conscious of missing some tools of the trade. However, he was ‘chuffed’ to learn more from his My Week with Marilyn co-star, Dame Judi Dench.
‘She is the most wonderful human being and professional,’ he said.
‘I didn’t train at drama school so I always feel that paranoia. I always try and be sponge-like and take in as much as I can.’

Daily Mail article about the nominees:
Eddie Redmayne and Chris O'Dowd to go head to head for Orange Rising Star Award at Baftas
By ANDREA MAGRATH 12 January 2012

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