Friday, January 10, 2014

Face appreciation - 2013 events

Many articles and posts praised Eddie Redmayne's style on the red (and blue) carpet, but let's appreciate his face now. Let's look at him closely. Here are some cropped photos from several 2013 events.

Although the close-ups show that he has some gray hairs already, due to his boyish charm he looks much younger.

Original photos source:

Eleanor Morgan, Elle UK – November 2011 ( x ):
Eddie Redmayne’s lips are preposterous. It’s just not natural to be born with such a smooth, prominent pout. Chaining his bike up to a Soho lamppost, his face is a sculpture: cheekbones jutting, hair slicked and that mouth, like a piece of ripe stone fruit, pursed as he fiddles with his keys. If you could draw a film star, it would be him. 
And a film star is exactly what Eddie is.
... he can appear, by turns, as a tousled hipster (he’s modeled for Burberry), the charming boy-next-door, an intense young poet, while never looking less than gorgeous – he also has the kind of charisma that makes him leap off the screen and into your imagination.

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