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Felicity Jones in the Vogue February 2014 issue plus other interviews

Yesterday was 'The Invisible Woman' premiere at the Odeon Kensington in London.
The website published an article today about Felicity Jones from the Vogue February issue, an interview in which she mentions Eddie Redmayne too. I illustrated the post with Theory of Everything set photos, that I didn't posted yet. ( x ) Some of them are cropped.

February Vogue: Meet Miss Jones 
excerpts from the article by Violet Henderson 29 Jan 2014
(full Vogue article with Felicity Jones photos here)
Ralph Fiennes observes: "She is a totally natural actress who can open a window 
for the audience. Through her eyes she conveys a rich inner life, full of emotion."

...she naturally gravitates towards a certain type of British actor: the type that pontificates, likes Shakespeare, treats theatre, film and television as equals, and doesn't stumble out of nightclubs. (Polly) Stenham praises her friend's mind: "Felicity has a fierce intellect. A mind like a knife. She looks at things intently. Then turns them upside down and looks again. I often think it might not just be acting that we'll know her for. And she's funny. Hellishly."
If this is a new cool British intelligentsia - the Bloomsbury Set relocated to twenty-first-century east London (where Jones and many of her cohorts live) - she seems proud to be a part of it. She says, "It's amazing to think we've always been working, for 10 years now, and together. Yesterday on set I watched Eddie Redmayne and Charlie Cox do a scene together, and it was so beautiful seeing the subtlety of their acting, how they now know absolutely how to be on camera. I love that we can still support each other." She decides what binds them all together is "seriousness. I think we all feel very lucky to be doing what we do, and we all believe in acting and believe in telling important stories." In recognition of this, and Jones and Redmayne's growing gravitas within the acting world, both actors have been elected to join a Bafta committee, on which Dexter Fletcher and Shane Meadows also sit, to nominate upcoming British talent in film, television and gaming for the Burberry-sponsored Breakthrough Brit Awards.


The Telegraph - News Topics - Mandrake - by Tim Walker 09 Dec 2013
Seeing is believing 
Although it may not sound like such a compliment, Eddie Redmayne tells me that he can’t wait to see Felicity Jones in The Invisible Woman. “She going to be amazing in it,” says Redmayne, who stars with her in Theory of Everything, a film about Stephen Hawking. He says she was hugely supportive to him as he played Hawking. As an
art historian, he adds his principal challenge was getting to grips with physics. ( x )

Older articles and posts:
...Making Theory of Everything was life changing. It was very emotional. Stephen Hawking and Jane [his former wife] are phenomenal people because of what they’ve survived. They were so young when Stephen was diagnosed with motor neurone disease – she was 18, he was in his early 20s. They were told he was only going to live for two years and he’s now in his 70s – I think a lot of his survival comes from sheer personal drive and Jane is still an incredible support. Without sounding too dewy-eyed, Jane had such a capacity for love. I wanted to tell her story. For anyone who’s caring and being cared for it is a tough situation. But the whole story is rooted in love.
Eddie Redmayne and I went round to Stephen Hawking’s house in Cambridge. Stephen is charming and incredibly charismatic; he has a very dry sense of humour. At one point we were talking about star signs: his birthday is on the same day as Galileo’s and he wrote, ‘I’m an astronomer not an astrologer’, which I thought was very funny.
photo source
I wasn’t great at physics and I hate maths. So at first I was a bit intimidated about the idea of trying to understand his theories, but that’s the great thing about A Brief History of Time – Stephen has made them accessible...

Update 3 Feb 2014:
Another article: GQ&A: Felicity Jones
Q: Who is your best-dressed British man?
A: Eddie Redmayne, who I've just worked with. 
He'll be so pleased that I've said that, maybe you should take it out!

Update 4 Feb 2014:
Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne studied Stephen Hawking for biopic
...the two stars were so determined to portray their characters convincingly
they visited Hawking at home to learn more about him...

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