Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flirty pictures of Eddie and Amanda from events and interviews

Our lovable Eddie Redmayne is always very sweet, kind and gallant with women and plays mostly lovers (even the psychopats are those). Here are some photos of Eddie and Amanda Seyfried from last years interviews and events they attended together, and a gif from the set of Les Misérables. Seeing these flirty pictures I'm not surprised, that many people thought, they are a couple. They are cheerful, look good together and these gestures are easy to misunderstand. They were promoting the movie in which they were the romantic leads. Convincing!.

“This angelic facade [of Amanda Seyfried], don’t be lulled in”

Aussie movie chick Alicia Malone talks to LES MISERABLES charming star Eddie Redmayne, about 
sing-acting, dirty Amanda Seyfried and embarrassing jazz hands... for Malone's Movie Minute.

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