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Eddie Redmayne at LAX airport
on January 13th, 2014
What do you think of his new haircut? 
I like it!
Why he flew to LA? 
I wonder if he attends the CCA on Thursday.

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The Telegraph article:
Hollywood beckons for former public school pupils
(By Patrick Sawer on January 12 2014)

...Redmayne, who after leaving Eton – where he was a prefect alongside Prince William – won praise for his performance as a gauche Old Etonian charged with looking after Marilyn Monroe, in My Week with Marilyn, has admitted his background has had its advantages.
“I think our historic and literary heritage in [England] means there are many good stories to tell and a lot of them tend to be period piece and I’m very lucky to be part of that,” he said.

...Such is the phenomenon of US producers choosing Old Etonians and other British public school boys that Redmayne recently joked: “When HBO want a gritty, hard-bitten, authentically American character to head up a mini-series, they instinctively think: Old Etonian.”

London Evening Standard article: 
(Published: 13 January 2014)
It’s good to hear that actors get as over-excited about TV shows as the rest of us. In an interview in the Sunday Times, Richard E Grant recalls that when he let slip he was going to be guest-starring in the third season of Lena Dunham’s Girls, which returns on Sky next week, fellow actor Eddie Redmayne promptly “pinned me to the wall and eulogised that he thought the show was nothing short of ‘genius’”. The Londoner couldn’t agree more.

Eddie's co-star Felicity Jones co-starred in the "Girls" TV series too ( x ).
Posted by bsimon On January - 12 - 2014 

Question: Is there an artist you connect to the way Nelly connects to Dickens?
FJ: Uhh, Lena Dunham. (laughs) I cry at the end of every episode of “Girls.” I’m just so overwhelmed by the truthfulness with which she conveys human nature. And that’s what’s amazing about the show — the first (season) is about the girls and then the second (season) is about the boys as well. There’s something so human about it. I did a role earlier this year (2013) in one of the (forthcoming season’s) episodes, so I got to meet my idol. (photo source: zimbio)

Question: What do you have coming up next?
FJ: I have three films coming out in 2014 – “Spider-Man 2,” and “True Story,” a film with Jonah Hill and James Franco, and then Eddie Redmayne and I just made a film called “The Theory of Everything,” which is based on Jane Hawing, who was married to Stephen Hawking — it’s based on her book about their relationship.

Question: I saw the documentary “Hawking” recently, which shows a fascinating personal side of Hawking many people do not know about… it’s humanizing, but it really shows his foibles.
FJ: That’s what the film will be about — they were both incredible, strong, willful individuals and I feel like that Stephen Hawking himself would say that he wouldn’t have survived without the influence of Jane Hawking, and they were an incredible team together. It’s an extraordinary story because she was incredibly religious and he was an atheist, so you have this conflict both on a domestic level between a couple in a difficult situation but also this bigger conflict of science versus religion, so it’s a really fascinating project.

HELLO! Online article:
(Published: 12 January 2014)
Tom Hiddleston named most attractive man of the year
HELLO! Online readers have named Tom Hiddleston the most attractive man of 2013 followed by 
Orlando Bloom and Eddie Redmayne shortly after in the third place.

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