Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nylon Guys Magazine 2008 - scans plus a quote about acting

Eddie Redmayne in the Nylon Guys Magazine's 2008 December issue photographed by Shawn Mortensen.

Eddie Redmayne has played an aristocrat, a politician, a murderer and a mortician.
Here, all he has to do is model this season's styles.

Eddie Redmayne quote ( x ):
I’ve got to say, and I know it’s an actors’ cliché, but ultimately when you’re doing TV or film, you prepare your performance in a kind of vacuum of your own thoughts, then you turn up, meet the actor you’re playing opposite, maybe have a brief ten-minute rehearsal and then you have to do it. You come to rely on various tricks and techniques in order to survive sometimes. The spontaneity that comes from film acting is great, but at the same time, it’s wonderful to go back to theatre and really be able to chew over the material with a director like Dominic (Dominic Cooke the director of "Now or Later") and other actors. It makes you think hard, which is always nice.

scans source: ( x )
I made some cropped images

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