Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The new, the new-old and the photoshopped - photos from the web

I found a few Eddie Redmayne photos on the web, that I haven't seen before.
The first on the Heathrow is new (I don't know the exact time). The second were taken in 2010, I just found it now. I thought it worth to post this picture, maybe this is new to you as well. When I first saw the third photo, the Sundance Festival came to my mind and I wanted to find out, where it was taken. I discovered that this is a photoshopped image. I managed to find the source images .

Eddie with a fan at Heathrow 

Eddie Redmayne signing for fans at the stage door of the Golden Theatre in NYC
on the closing day of “Red” on Broadway June 21, 2010 (source)

Eddie and Richard Madden - Lt Wraysford vs Capt Weir - Battle of the Scarves ;-)
This is a photo collage!
The maker used Eddie's mirrored photo from the Sundance Yellow Handkerchief session Jan 18, 2008
mirrored photo                                                      original photo ( x )

and this: JacMac30 and Richard Madden at the GRRM Easons Book signing Belfast 3rd Nov 2009 ( x )

There's a mistake in the collage. Eddie (5' 11") is taller than Richard (5' 9½"), in the picture doesn't.

Bonus: a gem of a find from Twitter - Dan Stevens tweeted this on 23rd Dec 2011

Who wouldn't want to see Eddie's Richard II ?

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