Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photos from 2011-2013 - picture hunt

I did a picture hunt yesterday on GOOGLE to search photos of Eddie Redmayne and found these.
Maybe there's one or two among them, that you haven't seen yet.

Let's begin with a nice fan picture from London.
My girlfriend Paula and Eddie Redmayne, famous English actor and model. ( x )

The next two potos were made in December 2012 in Los Angeles

Eddie Redmayne in Los Angeles promoting Les Misérables ( x )

I don't know if you remember this cute selfie, I thougt it worth to post it.
echosinspace (via iloveedieredmayne): No big deal just a selfie with Eddie Redmayne 
AKA Marius from Les Misrables AKA the love of my life

Another nice fan photo from July 2013 London
So on work experience and casually bump into Eddie Redmayne … 
One on my favourite actors EVER! I am in love <3 (x) via sirredmayne
Look at the guy on the left in the background! Isn't he Tom Sturridge?

Eddie Redmayne quote (source):
“I like to play music. I play piano and I sing, and I studied history a lot at university so that’s something I’m interested in. I’m a bit rusty on the old practical art, but I love going to museums and stuff, which is great because it kind of works with traveling a lot and the job.”

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