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Fan photo from July 2012 - Masterpiece London

The Frill Seeker posted on 13 July 2012: Chelsea girl (source via eddie-redmayne-italian-blog)
A few weeks ago I went to stay in my friend's flat in Chelsea with my friends for four days as a post-gcse mini holiday. It was so much fun! We did loads of things so it was quite hard to narrow downt the photos as you can tell. A lot of them are instagram photos and ones my friend took so not all are mine. #creds
Being in Chelsea we were always on the lookout for famous people and WE MET EDDIE REDMAYNE
Not boasting or anything... He could not have been nicer considering we literally ran down the street and pretty much jumped on him. My friend who is in loovee with him nearly had a heart attack, so funny, he was really very lovely and gingery and freckly and I just love him even more now.
I want to live in London so bad.

I think this happened at the time of Masterpiece London, when Eddie went to see the fair. 
He wore the same clothes.

Masterpiece London 2012 - Official site with photos
There's a HQ photo about Eddie as well. I didn't published here, because it's copyrighted, it's on the official site
in the 2012 Famous Faces Gallery - Direct link to the photo.
London's Luxe Masterpiece Fair (2012)
...London boasts Masterpiece Fair, which ranks as a five star art, antiques, jewelry and design show. This relatively new event staged in a grand marquee along the Thames on the South Grounds of Royal Hospital Chelsea opened June 27 and ran through July 4, 2012...
The event won wide approval from the New York set on day one. "This is now the best fair in the world," says Scott Snyder.
Clockwise from top left: The Duke of Kent and Lady Helen Windsor; Arun Nayar; 
Eddie Redmayne; Holly Valence. (source: iloveeddieredmayne)

Masterpiece London 2013 - Official site with photos and video
From June 26 to July 2, 2013
Eddie and Hannah at Masterpiece London 2013 - photo source: dameredmayne

Masterpiece London 2014 - Official site

The ultimate in elegance, quality, luxury and sophistication
Eddie Redmayne is facinated about arts, so I'm not surprised, that he visited the Fair in the past two years. 
I think, he'll visit this year's fair too.


  1. Eddie goes to mp because he is posh and spoilt not bc of arts. It's in the neighbourhood where he grew up and is very tory

    1. “Do I feel posh? Well. I suppose. I went to Eton. I have lots of friends from there. I also went to Cambridge. So. Yes. I definitely come from a privileged background. But I also have lots of friends from different walks of life.” You know poor people? He laughs. “Oh, Christ. I’m hearing the quotes. But what does it feel like? I grew up with it. It’s my norm.” - he said in The Times Les Mis interview. He's posh, that's true and he often attends posh events, but it's also true, that he loves art, that's why he studied art history in Cambridge. I don't know if there's any culturally valuable among the exhibited works, time will tell.

  2. Eddie received all the support from his parents what he needed for success, but he learned also that he has to work for it too. He's trying to live as normal life as possible.


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