Sunday, March 9, 2014

How British are you? Quiz - Eton mess interview from 2010

These are excerpts from an adorable Eddie Redmayne interview 5 March 2010 (full interview here)
(In the interview he talks about The Pillars of the Earth, Black Death, Red, a little about his family, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and fans.)

...a stunning man with flaming ginger hair arrives. As Michael Jackson would say, this is it. He looks much laid back and gives me the warmest welcome ever. “So you do actually have Ginger hair”,
I gasp. When he had warned me the day before, I actually thought he was joking. “Yeah I know, I’ve just finished this film called Pillars of the Earth in Hungary and had to dye my hair”. After ten minutes of getting to know each other, buying lunch (he orders salmon and noodles), crisps and diet coke,
I already feel that:
a. He is the most adorable and nicest person ever.
b. Funny and so down-to-earth.
c. Will you marry me?


How British are you? Quiz

It’s 4 am. You just came out of a club and you are very hungry. Do you go for the local kebab shop or the nice and greasy fish and chips? 4 o’clock in the morning? Kebab shop
Marmite: love it or hate it? Fucking love it. I had it for breakfast this morning on muffins with cheddar cheese. In fact, Starbucks has now amazing Panini cheese cheddar marmite. My favourite thing in the world. You clearly hate it.
Scones or English Breakfast? I love a full English breakfast but I can’t deal with eggs, I hate eggs, so everything that’s under the egg but I love scones as well. Tricky choice. Scones if it had loads of clotted cream. 
Spice Girls or Girls Aloud? (Pauses) Girls aloud. There was a moment there. I really really fancy Nadine. I love the Irish accent. And she has amazing legs and an amazing voice.
What about Cheryl Cole? (very enthusiastic) Oh I love Cheryl Cole! ...of course I love Cheryl Cole. We had a discussion about her the other day and we thought that the moment we saw her dimples...she took over the nation. 
This is a great quiz.
Friends or Eastenders? Friends. I never really watched Eastenders. 
Jonathan Ross or Parkinson? Jonathan Ross 
Thomas Hardy or Victor Hugo? Hardy but purely because I’ve read more of him.
Coldplay or The Strokes? The strokes
Bin or Trash? Bin
The good old Pint or a nice glass of wine? Pint. Wrong answer.Although I do drink wine.
Tea or Coffee? Coffee
Can’t or can’t? Can’t

Result: So British!

Any advice for aspiring actors?
Be driven but don’t be overly ambitious. I think ambition hurts a lot of people in our industry
and it changes a lot of people. 

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