Thursday, March 6, 2014

Watersprite – The Cambridge International Student Film Festival

held this weekend in various locations in Cambridge, Friday, March 7 – Sunday, March 9.
Tickets free, visit for more information
You can read about this year's program is in the Cambridge News article here
-- March 7, 7.30pm Opening Gala: In conversation with Richard Curtis
-- March 8, 4pm Life Behind the Laughter -  Rob Brydon
-- March 9, 7.45pm Closing Gala: In conversation with Jim Broadbent,
-- There will also be the festival’s prestigious short film competition.

Last year Eddie Redmayne was the speaker at the Closing Gala on 3 March 2013.
I made a few compilations from the photos of the event. The original photos source: gallery
(photographer: Chris Williamson)

The Tab 4 March 2013 article: Watersprite Film Festival: The Mega Review
Redmayne praised the theatrical scene at Cambridge and the diversity of roles available, observing, perhaps bitterly, that in the ‘real’ acting world you are largely confined to “playing how you look.” He did, however, recount one particularly bizarre audition at the ADC in which an eccentric director made him count from one to ten, expressing each number with a different emotion. That sounds like some sort of cult initiation ritual to me. Redmayne also maintained that bullshitting his way through supervisions provided excellent training ground for his acting career. (full article)

Excerpts from Olivia's report about the event (you can read the full report here)
EddieRedmayne & Cambridge University: Perfect man, perfect uni
It was interesting hearing him talk about his university experience, he gave us the whole backstory of when he did his first professional show Twelfth Night and how he was allowed a term off from Cambridge in order to do it. He still had to send in his essays though, he told us how he would sit in the Courtauld Gallery doing them in between rehearsing/performing.

It was also HILARIOUS listening to him doing various impressions - his Toni Colette Australian accent and his CLEMENCE POESY OMG. He was talking about the scene in Birdsong (you know which scene I’m talking about) and how he, Clemence and their director had had a very serious discussion about it beforehand. Eddie told of how he suggested using a peach as Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling had done in Blue Valentine and then recalled how Clemence had said, “But if we uze a peech, zer will be juse all ovair your fez.” I laughed so hard.

Another favourite quote, “I wish I’d worked harder instead of going to Life [nightclub].” 
Afterwards was the Q&A and I somehow plucked up the courage to ask him a question. I said, “You really inspire me … (cue Eddie looking so touched I can’t even describe his face) I was just wondering, who inspires you?”
He said Ed Norton, Mark Rylance and of course, his family and friends :) but of course he had to berate himself and say he hadn’t given a very good answer. He is too cute. …..

A few Redmayniacs met Eddie and Hannah at The Watersprite Film Festival closing night in Cambridge - Charlotte, Sandra, Chrissie, Olivia (in red coat - she wrote the report), Tracey and Ivonne. Source

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