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Cabaret - Perfectly Marvelous Oct. 24 2012 - photos, excerpts from articles

On 24th October 2012 at Perfectly Marvelous, a benefit for the Public Theater at Joe's Pub Eddie Redmayne performed naughty, bawdy songs from Cabaret with Anne Hathaway and other stars. He was already familiar with the musical - he played the role of the MC in 2001. Seeing him play the MC in PVC and fishnets in Cabaret at the Edinburgh Festival when he was 19 persuaded his parents that maybe he could make a career in the alien world of theatre.- it's a role he hankers to portray professionally one day - (x)
“Half of my family live in Edinburgh. My grandmother’s in Liberton and the last proper musical I did was Cabaret. It was in the Underbelly and it was all dark and dingy. I remember my cousin brought my grandma to see it and we were all in latex, PVC and masks and there was quite a lot of interaction. I was up in my grandma’s face and I just heard her say ‘and when is Eddie coming on?’ And my cousin was like ‘that’s him! The one leering in our faces!’” (x)

Anne Hathaway, Eddie and Public Theater artistic director Oskar Eustis in NYC. Oct 23 2012 (x)

Patrick Pacheco's article about the show October 25 2012:
Anne Hathaway Dazzles as Sexy, Saucy Sally in “Cabaret”
“This show is called ‘Perfectly Marvelous,’ but it may be imperfectly marvelous,” said a nervous Anne Hathaway on Wednesday night at Joe’s Pub. “We’ve only had a day and a half of rehearsals.” She needn’t have been so hard 
on herself as she presented an evening of songs at Joe’s Pub from the 1966 Broadway musical “Cabaret” with a 
stellar group of friends, including Audra McDonald, Eddie Redmayne, Linda Lavin, Harvey Fierstein, and Bryce Pinkham. By the time Hathaway finished a raucous version of the famous title song, the packed audience rose to give her and the cast a spontaneous standing ovation...
...While the entire cast was in top form, most surprising was Redmayne (“Red,” “My Week with Marilyn”), who co-stars with Hathaway in Tom Hooper’s film version of the musical “Les Miserables,” slated for a holiday release. He acquitted himself admirabl, as Cliff, the American writer who hopelessly falls in love with Sally, in two numbers, “Why Should I Wake Up?” and in a duet with Hathaway on “Perfectly Marvelous.”...

To the left: Eddie with Harvey Fierstein - to the right: Eddie Redmayne and Bryce Pinkham 
join Cabaret co-writer John Kander following the Joe’s Pub concert

with Colman Domingo - with Artistic Director Oskar Eustis & Associate Artistic Director Mandy Hackett

Photo Flash: Behind the Scenes of PERFECTLY MARVELOUS with Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne, Audra McDonald, and More!
ABOUT The Public Theater

Update 22 sept 2014 - source: @bespokeredmayne

Post about the show by Michael Musto Oct. 24 2012:
Anne Hathaway And Audra McDonald Sing Gay Marriage Song To Each Other!
...Anne, Audra, and Eddie Redmayne came out and started by singing 'Wilkommen'...
..."Anne mostly sang Sally Bowles' songs, Eddie was Cliff (he has an excellent singing voice)
...Anne sounded amazing. She has a lovely voice and she acted every song. She sang 'Mein Herr' and she sat on men's laps and kissed people in the audience and played with this one guy's hair. She was even stroking the mic...
..."Also, she sang 'Married' with Audra. Anne said she just married a great guy and Audra just did the same, so 
they wanted to sing 'Married' as a duet, but they thought they should sing it as if they were two women who got 
married to each other.
... At one point in the song, Eddie Redmayne and Bryce Pinkham sang a bit of it to each other...
...Clearly this was an amazing show that would rock Broadway if it ever became a full-fledged production... 

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