Friday, April 25, 2014

For Renée Zellweger's Birthday - Hugo Boss Show & Miss Potter screening

Two Renée Zellweger related events Eddie Redmayne attended.
Hugo Boss Fashion Show - Berlin Fashion Week Jan 17 2013

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To the right: Eddie backstage with Hugo Menswear designer Bart De Backer (x)

Private screening of Renée Zellweger's film "Miss Potter" - 9 Dec. 2006 NYC
Eddie Redmayne attended the event with Tara Hacking who was his girlfriend at the time.

Emily Watson (Eddie's co-star in Theory of Everything) who played Millie Warne
in the film was there too. Eddie chatted with her and director Chris Noonan.

'The Good Shepherd NYC premiere was two days later on 11 Dec 2006

Director Chris Noonan and actors Renée Zellweger, Emily Watson and Ewan McGregor at the event.

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