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The Advocate Magazine May 2008 Issue - Rham Shergill photoshoot, scans

Portrait of a killer - excerpts from the article by Corey Scholibo:
The most haunting element of Tom Kalin's ... film Savage Grace is the face of ... Eddie Redmayne...
"I went through a complete stage of typecast as a wealthy, gay 17-year-old who has incestuous tendencies"...
...Perhaps it is Redmayne's appearance, which wouldn't call typically attractive (he describes it as "weird"), that has encouraged him to inhabit characters on the periphery. He is impossibly thin and pale and so covered in freckles it seems no other actor could have been as believable as Julianne Moore's son. And his features are those of a gangly teenager with protruding ears and lips he has yet to grow into. But all of these coalesces into a boyish beauty, that is at the same time enigmatic. When he's on-screen, you want to study him closely. In short, Redmayne was the perfect fit for a character like Tony Baekeland. He has a look, that fits the '60s and '70s: not a lot of muscle, with an androgynous quality, as Kalin points out. (the full article is on the scans)...

Monsieur Ghanem dressing Actor Mr Eddie Redmayne - Ziad Ghanem Couture. Shoot backstage (cropped)

You find these photos in the gallery

Scan source:

Eddie Redmayne on Ram Shergill site -
with another breathtaking photo

A new photo showed up from this shoot - Update 29 Sept. 2014 (x) via (x)

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