Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hovering Eddie in VF Aug 2010 - photoshoot by Francois Dischinger

He can f*** fly now? - I’m done… - Hahahahahaha

When I saw this photo, I associated to this:

Portrait of Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp & Charlie Chaplin with his doll version 1917

The Eddie Redmayne photo at the top is from the photoshoot By Francois Dischinger 
for the Vanity Fair 2010 August issue - other photos from this shoot:

photos source:

Vanity Fair August 2010 article - Redmayne Event
James Wolcott and François Dischinger spotlight Eddie Redmayne, emotional core of Starz’sThe Pillars of the Earth.
my collage (click for full size)
...Although Redmayne’s Jack lags in the shadows during his long reveal—hooded, his voice mute, his manner shy-away—we can detect that he’s a poetic spirit by his beseeching eyes, cute freckles, and sensitive lower lip....
...The Pillars of the Earth brandishes a cast that would do any medieval pageant proud, including Ian MacShane, Rufus Sewell, Donald Sutherland, Alison Pill, Hayley Atwell, and Matthew Macfadyen, but it is Redmayne who furnishes the contemporary emo. Only 28 years old, this English stage actor (who was nominated for - & won - a 2010 Tony Award for Red, reprising his role from original London production) has already proven his vulnerable, stoic stuff on-screen in the brutal mire of Black Death and soon may be thrown into an even more panoramic muckheap...


  1. Great post - as usual. In my spare time I've been watching lot of Eddies stuff I hadn't seen such as Elizabeth 1 and Powder Blue. I'm curious to know if you have a favourite of his work and even and not-so-favourite.

    1. I cannot name one favorite. I especially love his acting in The Yellow Handkerchief and Hick, but like him in his other films too. Recently I rewatched some scenes from Birdsong, he was phenomenal. Of his films I like MWWM and POTE the most.

  2. Agree with you entirely!


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