Saturday, May 10, 2014

Eddie Redmayne in Bilbao with fans & one more JA set photo

A few fan selfie with Eddie Redmayne, after he finished the filming on 9th May 2014 in Bilbao.

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And one more set Photo
Eddie Redmayne & Douglas Booth on the set of Jupiter Ascending with Lana Wachowski.
Source: via redbatchedcumbermayned article & stills:
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....Kunis' Jupiter Jones soon learns that there's a whole lot going on outside the bounds of Earth, with planets owned and toyed with by the members of massively wealthy interstellar families. One boyo played by Eddie Redmayne has his sights set on Earth, and he's discovered that Jupiter's genetic material makes her the sole living heir, set to inherit the entire planet. And he'll stop at nothing to stop her, including destroying all live on our little sphere...


  1. Did he really have to go and shoot more scenes for Jupitor, or am I misunderstanding this? I was hoping he'd stay in NYC for a little longer, it was nice seeing him action----and on this side of the ocean!

    1. This was a planned shoot I already read about it earlier on the Wikipedia site of the film, but I didn't know if Eddie 's involved or not and I completely forgot the date too so I was also surprised first, when I heard the news. I'm glad, because it means more screentime to Eddie. I can't wait the premiere. Anyway I'm afraid it doesn't matter on which side of the Ocean is he, If we cannot go there. I wish I could, but I'm afraid I couldn't managed to say a word.


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