Sunday, May 11, 2014

More photos from Bilbao - Eddie Redmayne on the set & at the afterparty

Eddie Redmayne on the set - source: @FlvJohn (x)(x) via @bespokeredmayne (edited)

Eddie with Lana Wachowski, Douglas Booth and Tuppence Middleton on the set.

I made cropped pictures, original photos source: adrenalineinblood via iloveeddieredmayne

Douglas Booth, Tuppence Middleton and Eddie Redmayne filming Jupiter Ascending
source: sirredmayne

source: @PutoHood via @bespokeredmayne

Concentracion Eddie Redmayne - source: @FlvJohn via @bespokeredmayne
and filming with Douglas and Tuppence - source: @FlvJohn

source: olivaneutron via @the3rdRoom

Update 14 May 2014: The first HQ pic from the set in Bilbao - source: hope72

More pics with fans

source: @olatx_C & aneabasolo via @bespokeredmayne

(x) via (x) & (x) via (x)

And here's a photo from the afterparty
(on Saturday after they finished filming)
Eddie wears his white Oxford shirt (GFF) and his "Angel" cap.
Euro Weekly News article: Wachowski siblings in Bilbao
"The filming began on May 8 with the urban and countryside background scenes and will continue for approximately three days in the Abaindoibarra area where they are getting as many shots as possible around the Guggenheim which, the siblings say, is the main reason they came to Bilbao as it fits perfectly with their futuristic theme. They will also be filming in other parts of the ‘new’ Bilbao taking advantage of the ultra-modern architecture."
First 'Jupiter Ascending' Clip with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis
Bounty hunter Caine impresses the savior of the universe with his gravity boots in this first scene from the Wachowskis' sci-fi saga.

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