Friday, May 9, 2014

New Jupiter Ascending set photos - Eddie Redmayne & Douglas Booth

Eddie Redmayne & Douglas Booth on Jupiter Ascending set 
A sneak peek at the Jupiter Ascending costume!

Other pic of Eddie Redmayne & Douglas Booth on Jupiter Ascending set 

Source: its-darkinsidee, via 4bstract-elegance
BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 10:03 PM on May 08, 2014:
According to @AitorChuky photo of Eddie Redmayne @DouglasBooth was taken in Bilbao today & they'll be there thru Sat

BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 10:19 PM on May 08, 2014:
@mumimi16 the person who posted the photo says they're in Bilbao thru Sat. Not sure why but it could be for promotional photos.

BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 6:38 AM on May 09, 2014:
@BrtfaiJudit Definitely there shooting new scenes. Not a good sign for a movie due for release in July, but we get more Eddie.

BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 6:16 AM on May 09, 2014:
Video of @JupiterMovieUK shoot in Bilbao, near Guggenheim. Sadly no Eddie Redmayne, but they return Friday.


The filming continued today

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I made a few cropped images - here they are - the originals are in the gallery


6:46 PM. on May 09, 2014:
Just in from Bilbao: video of Eddie Redmayne 
@DouglasBooth shooting extra scenes for 
@JupiterMovieUK today

Link: Video by buffala66
Eddie Redmayne y Douglas Booth , Bilbao ahora!
Direct link to the video
sirredmayne gifs from the video

pic to the right from @the3rdRoom
Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth and Tuppence Middleton - this is a royal scene.

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