Sunday, May 4, 2014

News - Eddie Redmayne's in New York

Eddie Redmayne and his girlfriend sat in the audience of last night's Saturday Night Live show hosted by his friend Andrew Garfield in NYC. I think they will attend the MET gala tomorrow too. I can't wait the red carpet photos. 

I found the news on Twitter.

BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 4:53 AM May 04
Eddie in NYC to see pal, go to #MetGala.
"@RachaelWebsterr: Here is Eddie Redmayne walking into SNL if anyone cares” (photo above)

BespokeRedmayne @bespokeredmayne tweeted 5:45 AM May 04
Why Eddie Redmayne's in @nbcsnl audience in NY tonight: chum Andrew Garfield hosts (w appearance by GF Emma Stone.) (photo to the right)

More Twitter photos from yesterday evening

Eddie with fans - sources: Photo to the left (x) via (x) & to the right (x) via (x)

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