Sunday, June 8, 2014

Eddie Redmayne in Total Film UK Summer 2014 Issue


Quotes from the article 
..."I have a shit imagination so the idea of doing greenscreen was pretty terrifying, but when you're in the control of the Wachowskis, who have these things drawn out so specifically in their minds' eye, it's actually really liberating."...

..."My first day of filming was falling through a 'Grav Trough', which is sort of a zero gravity channel, I was stung up 30ft into the air with this extraordinary brace around me, flung down these wires and sent spinning in the air to recreate a kind of gravitational pull... I'd never done anything like it - I usually do little period dramas, so it was completely insane!"

scan source: Eddie Redmayne Web gallery

You can read the full article below in the cropped pictures

They used much makeup (body and face), but why not if he plays an Alien King. He will be the hottest villain.
I think he often visited the gym and he was in his best form at the time of filming from the end of April to July 2013.

Lastly here's a compilation from shirtless pictures. Movies: 
Savage Grace, The Yellow Handkerchief and Powder Blue.

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