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Samantha Barks and Eddie Redmayne about each other

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Samantha Barks happy for co-star Eddie Redmayne after engagement
HELLO Magazine - 13 June 2014
Samantha Barks is thrilled about Eddie Redmayne’s recent engagement. The actress – who is set to star in Porgie and
Bess later this year – revealed how happy she was after hearing her friend and Les Misérables co-star had popped the question recently to his American girlfriend. (Check my note below!)
Speaking to HELLO! Online at Benefit Cosmetics’ pop-up pub Gabbi’s Head on Thursday she said the fellow British actor was a treat to work with so Hannah Bagshawe is a lucky lady.
“He was exactly how you’d expect,” Samantha who is best known for her role as Éponine told us about working with him.
“He was everything you’d want and more. Les Mis was my first film so I was nervous about meeting him but he was really nice.”

Samantha Barks about Eddie Redmayne: "....something about working with him is incredible. He's this amazing actor. Watching him, and being around him, and he is so approachable that you'll never feel like an idiot after asking him questions, because he is such a good guy." ( x )

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Video - Les Misérables - A Little Fall of Rain (Samantha Barks & Eddie Redmayne)

Samantha Barks about hanging out with costars Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne:
"...One of my final auditions was actually the first time we all sang together and it was something very special when we sang "Heart Full of Love." It felt right and I was struck by how cool and funny Amanda was. She made me laugh instantly. Working with A-list celebrities, you don't know what they're going to be like and she's just the coolest girl. She's brilliant. She makes everybody laugh, but yet the minute she's in the scene, she's such a fantastic actress. She can really switch it on and off. I already knew Eddie a little bit and I just couldn't believe how much of a gentleman he was. He's just the nicest guy ever. I'm so lucky to have worked with him." (x)

Video: RCN TV interview at London Critics' circle Awards 2013 - Les Miserables

Video: Samantha Barks talks Eddie Redmayne and Les Miserables
Helena Bonham Carter Tom Holland and Samantha Barks talks to HELLO! at the London Films Critics' Circle Awards. Sam talks about Eddie from 2:02

Video: Samantha Barks 'Blown Away' By Director Tom Hooper's Interpretation Of Les Miserables
Sam chats with Access’ Michelle Beadle about how she felt the first time she walked onto the set of “Les Miserables.” So, did her co-stars learn anything from her since she acts in the Broadway version of the film? Plus, Samantha talks about Hugh Jackman’s “incredible” transformation in the movie. She talks about Eddie's singing from 2:50.

Eddie about Sam - source: freckeliciouseddieredmayne - video interview here

“If you were Marius’s place, is there anyway in hell you would have picked Cosette instead of Eponine?”
“I mean, Samantha is incredibly sexy. I’m not going to say dirty because that’s just inappropriate but such a sexy woman, bu- but Amanda also has a phenomenal, um, sexiness to her so it made it slightly mor- but then Amanda had to try and rock a bonnet.” (x)

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Eddie said about Sam singing 'On my own': “When she sang that song, it broke my heart. There was something that she did in that song. I remember I was with Danny Cohen, the cinematographer. Samantha had to sing in the rain again and again. She was shivering.
...There’s a moment when she has sung her huge last note. She has her head into her chest and she goes, ‘I love him,’ and her head comes up. It’s like she finds the thought. It is when her head is almost away from the camera.
All of us behind the monitors went, ‘Oh.’ There was still that chill in our arms. I remember Danny saying, ‘I wish more film actors would realize the strength of keeping your head away from the camera sometimes.’ This moment of her, hidden, and then coming up broke my heart.”
Eddie volunteered to sit beside Samantha when they watched “Les Mis” for the first time. “Sam has such a history with the piece,” he said of the actress, who also played Eponine in a 25th anniversary concert production of the musical. “She’s an extraordinary human being and a formidable actress.(x)


  1. Hannah is American! I had no clue, I thought she was also a Brit.

    1. What the article wrote is incorrect. Hanna's mun is American, but his father is Brit and she's more Brit too, although she lived and worked in New York and Washington DC for a while.


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