Friday, August 15, 2014

HFPA's Grant Banquet - inside

Robert Pattindon, Eddie Redmayne, and Morgan Freeman at the HLPA Awards, August 14, 2014. (x) via

source (x) via

Channing Tatum, James Marsden, Robert Pattinson and Eddie Redmayne (x)

Eddie Redmayne & mate Robert Pattinson at Golden Globes grants banquet (x) and (x)

Good mates catch up: Rob Pattinson & Eddie Redmayne at @goldenglobes banquet in Beverly Hills (x) via - more

We're having way too much fun over here! (x)                                                    (x)             

garciagwendy: Also got to met and talked for a while with Eddie Redmayne...he is so sweet and caring...
he recognized who I was!!! At the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grant Banquet... (x) via
Got Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, Morgan Freeman & Robert Pattinson sitting in front of me. 
Not a bad night at all! (x)

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Daily Mail: 

Eddie sat next to rob at the Golden Globe Awards in 2013 too
Pics and more about their friendship in my post: Robert Pattinson's friend

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