Friday, August 1, 2014

New pics and articles - Theory of Everything

Eddie’s upcoming film, “The Theory of Everything” gets a mention in the latest Empire Magazine! (source)

Update 13th August: 
Eddie Redmayne endured theoretical physics for his art: a “stunt mathematician” came up with the complex formulas, but he had to memorize them, says The Theory of a Everything director James Marsh in Empire magazine.
source and the full article here: mamacita225

The film…is already generating Oscar buzz thanks to a remarkable performance by Redmayne, whose transformation into the older Hawking was the result of months of vocal coaching and work with ALS patients. “He’s unable to move the vast majority of his muscles, but he smiles, and there’s a spark in his eye,” Redmayne says of Hawking, with whom he spent time before filming. “There’s something so puckish about him.” (source)

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