Thursday, August 14, 2014

Memorable present - tea with Eddie on a Monday afternoon

Well this just happened…. Two-hour-long tea with Eddie Redmayne! Such a gem! via 

Their tweets about this afternoon tea at The Delaunay Counter:
Lydia Cartwrite (film school student, producer): Time for tea with Eddie Redmayne, milk no sugar!
Paul Alley (Lydia's friend young american filmmaker): He personally sang to me. Oh my god.

Paul wrote about this incredible afternoon in his blog:
My girl - Lydia, got this present for Christmas. They auctioned off “Tea with Eddie” at a charity event, and her parents got it for her. Seeing as I came to London with her, she was ever so kind to bring me along. (x)
What is Eddie like??
He was so charming! He literally kept the conversation going the entire time. He was very personable, and just a gem. We were laughing and discussing various topics from Drag Queens to Politics in the course of two hours haha. It was definitely an afternoon to remember. (x)

Update 30 Sept.2014 - lightsonbutnooneshome:
Truly the nicest, most down to earth, interesting guy. He was so inspiring. It was so amazing to get to chat movies and things with him, can’t wait for his new film.

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