Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Eddie Redmayne is blowing critics away with his performance as Stephen Hawking
in The Theory of Everything Movie. See it for yourself on November 7th. (x)

NEW PHOTO: Eddie Redmayne captures the playful, active Stephen Hawking 
at Cambridge in a new photo from The Theory of Everything, (x)

 "Eddie Redmayne does the kind of jaw-dropping work that awards
 enthusiasts dream of, somehow both showy and modest, as if he
 doesn’t realize how amazing what he’s doing really is." /Vanity Fair/

'The Theory of Everything' Premiere TIFF 7th September 2014 (x)

On Thursday, October 9, Spotlight program featuring a conversation with Eddie Redmayne and
a screening of Theory of Everything. Redmayne will be presented with the MVFF Award. (x)

The 2 gorgeous @mthemag images shot by @brianbowensmith for the fall quarterly edition (x)

photographed by Brian Bowen Smith for M magazine fall issue. (xx)
Fall Issue of M arrived at my door this morning as I stepped out into a cool 66 degree day. On the car ride to work sipping my Joe’s coffee I was reading the cover story on Eddie Redmayne. This photo captures a few things (1) the reason why Eddie has evolved into the versatile and timeless go-to man for films taking place in the Middle Ages, early sixteenth century, the late sixteenth century, the nineteenth century, World War One, World War Two and the 1950’s. (2) I would like my children to look like this.
He is still the boy next door that your mother is urging you to date.

NY Daily News: 
...As for the solemn side of brilliance, three strong films had festival-goers talking.
Most prominent was “The Theory of Everything,” which revolves around Eddie Redmayne’s extraordinary portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking from 1963 through the full extent of Hawking’s debilitating battle with ALS. Until the full extent of the Oscar race is known, Redmayne is clearly a Best Actor front-runner...

The Daily Beast: 

With their towering performances in a pair of biopics, Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game and Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, the two lads are earning serious awards buzz out of Toronto.
...Though Hawking slowly loses control of his physical faculties, his mind remains sharp as ever, and Redmayne captures this with his boyish charm—the twinkle in his eye, and his self-effacing brand of humor. And the 32-year-old Brit, who coincidentally graduated from Cambridge himself with 2:1 Honours, does a superb job of navigating Hawking through his physical deterioration, including his slide into depression. The scenes between Redmayne and Jones where the latter party struggles to pull him away from the edge are masterful.
Of course, Redmayne also positively looks the part, and his portrayal of Hawking during the latter stages of ALS—the impaired speech and mannerisms—is spot-on.
The debut of Eddie Redmayne's formidable, career-redefining performance as Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything" was maybethe most talked about moment of this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Redmayne's sartorial choice for the film's premiere -- a teal-green, double-breasted suit from Burberry -- ran a close second.
...HuffPost Entertainment spoke to Redmayne about "The Theory of Everything" in a booth at the Azure restaurant inside Toronto's InterContinental Hotel one day after the film's premiere. An edited transcript of the conversation in the article....


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