Thursday, September 25, 2014

New trailer for Jupiter Ascending - video, gifs, captures

Eddie Redmayne's new scenes in the trailer

gifs source sirredmayne


Other interesting new scenes

 Balem's siblings in the trailer

Bilbao scene in the trailer

Some of these scenes filmed in the Ely Cathedral
 The screencaptures from the trailer are made by myself (x) (x)
(for full size click on the pictures)

Check out a seriously menacing Eddie Redmayne in the new Jupiter Ascending trailer
...Jupiter Ascending looks like a retina-burning thrill ride that should look amazing on the big screen, proving
that blockbusters aren’t just for the summer holidays.
And how creepy/whispery does Redmaybe look. British villains really are the best...
...Kunis’ character is empowered and central to events, rather than the damsel in distress seen in earlier versions.
As judged by this preview, Jupiter Ascending will be The Hunger Games in space. Doesn't that just seem like
a more fun movie than what was originally advertised?...

The Telegraph: Douglas Booth interview
...The next film we’ll see Booth in is Jupiter Ascending, a long-awaited, long-delayed science fiction epic from the Wachowski siblings, which is now due for release in February. He plays some kind of intergalactic playboy called Titus Abrasax, part of a dynasty that also includes Eddie Redmayne and Tuppence Middleton’s characters. I think. Details of the plot are closely guarded, and even Booth has a job on his hands straightforwardly explaining it.
“When I first got the script, it was delivered and then taken away, because it’s so secret. Someone said, 'Douglas, make sure you take a notebook, because it will be hard to follow.’ Because the Wachowskis create so much original material. They won’t just call a table a table. A table will be some new word that they’ve invented. Everything has to be new and original and bizarre.”...

Gifset from xoxoeddie and sirredmayne
3news: Sean Bean amazed at Jupiter Ascending effects

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