Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ToE promo in California - SAG Q&A - hanging out with friends

Eddie Redmayne promotes his film 'The Theory of Everything. He attended a Screen Actors Guild screening
and Q&A in Hollywood yesterday (Oct. 6, 2014)
Video: The Theory Of Everything Q&A Eddie Redmayne

jennienewman: The Theory of Everything is one of the most beautiful, remarkable, just so so so good films 
I’ve seen in a long time. Go see it when it comes out. Eddie Redmayne’s gonna be winning all the awards. 
Good Lord it was good. Go see it! #stephenhawking

xoxoeddie: The Theory of Everything screening and Q&A with Eddie Redmayne (x, x)
tristinrupp: Q&A with the fantastic Eddie Redmayne after SAG Nom Com screening of 
"The Theory of Everything." What an intelligent, dedicated, and vulnerable performance. 
Good film too. :)

@angelbdreamer (via): My fave pic of the night. He is definitely working the hell out of that outfit though

Another fanpic from SAG Hollywood screening of The Theory of Everything Monday night.

Reactions from Twitter:
- the film was amazing. Eddie redmayne did extensive research to become Stephen hawking. (x)
- Just saw #TheTheoryOfEverything and #EddieRedmayne was impressive - great ending montage (x)
- Eddie Redmayne, there are no words...this performance, this movie, this incredible human story (x)
- what a great film The acting is superb! Eddie Redmayne did an amazing job, as did the rest of the cast. #OscarNom (x)
- Brilliantly specific & human... @eddieredmayne beautiful work in #TheTheoryOfEverything #inspired (x)
- Andddd The Theory of Everything is everything. Eddie Redmayne gave a moving and brilliant performance. #SAG (x)
- Can't even explain how good Eddie Redmayne was in #TheTheoryOfEverything Shit dude. Felicity jones
was also extremely lovely. #inspired (x)
- Eddie Redmayne's performance in #TheTheoryOfEverything is simply one of the greatest performances 
by an actor I've ever seen #MustSee (x)

Eddie arrived to LA a few days ago and spent some time with his friends at the weekend.

New fan-pic of Andrew Garfield Eddie Redmayne eating sushi in California (Oct. 04th, 2014)

Omg sat next to #eddie #redmayne at dinner. He is a Capricorn too. Sorry Eddie. Couldn't stop staring.

Oct. 4, 2014: the screening of 'Gone Girl'
- On the other hand, this screening has Andrew Garfield, Kate Mara and Eddie Redmayne sitting next to me

Oct. 3, 2014: Kings of Leon concert, Hollywood Bowl (x)
- Aaron FREAKING Johnson is sitting NEXT to us #HavingHeartPalpatations (x)
- Andrew Garfield, thank you for the hug, it was so amazing to meet you (x)
- so, I sat/danced next to andrew garfield tonight, with eddie redmayne next to him and 
aaron johnson (after a hug from andrew garfield) (x)
Eddie, Aaron and James Corden went together to local after-school drama club, the
Jackie Palmer Stage School. Read more here.
- I totally regret not taking a picture with #EddieRedmayne at the @KingsOfLeon concert
last week.I was 3 feet away from him and chickened out (x)

And the promo continous - upcoming event:
On Thursday, October 9Spotlight program featuring a conversation with Eddie Redmayne and
a screening of Theory of Everything. Redmayne will be presented with the MVFF Award(x)


  1. Jackie Palmer will be surprised to hear her very serious school is an "after school drama club."

    1. I didn't mean to harm the admirable Jackie Palmer Stage school, which helps many children to unfold their talents.This desription is from The Independent James Corden interview by Stephen Milton (25 Okt. 2013), and refers only to the location and the friendly nature of the school.

  2. Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Johnson, James Corden, Christian Bale were all former pupils of the school.


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