Friday, November 28, 2014

New interviews with Popcorn and others

bespokeredmayne: VIDEO TREAT! Why did Eddie Redmayne curl into the fetal position at the end of critic Peter Travers’ Popcorn interview? He was asked to fulfill a childhood dream and sing Gavroche in Les Mis. And he did. Plus he talks again about his Redmayniacs. Utterly charming interview!

Lovely photos by Jay L. Clendenin for LA Times. (x)

New interviews on Youtube

Providence Journal: 
...Director James Marsh (“Man on Wire”) remembers well his first meeting with Redmayne, a London native best known for his Tony-winning turn in John Logan’s “Red” and his tender revolutionary Marius in “Les Miserables.” One pint turned to five, the conversation going into the night.
“He was just full of ideas and passion for this,” says Marsh. “He knew somewhat what this might entail in terms of preparation and physicality. Eddie’s crazily ambitious. He’s not ambitious for money or fame. He’s ambitious to do great work. He’s fearless, too. It was a real leap into the dark for him.”
“It felt like solving a puzzle,” says Redmayne.
Redmayne spent four onths researching, working on the physicality and feebly studying Hawking’s physics. He trained with a choreographer, met with academics (Redmayne also went to Cambridge), visited with many ALS sufferers and had an expert study old photos of Hawking to trace the disease’s effects.
“There were moments along the way where I know he felt really, really defeated,” says Marsh...
...But aside from all the technical challenges, Redmayne imbues Hawking with a sly mischievousness. Much of the performance is in a glint behind his eyes...

[VIDEO INTERVIEW] What If There Were a 'Theory of Everything' about Eddie Redmayne?
“Theory of Everything” Star Eddie Redmayne on his portrayal of Stephen Hawking and his answer to any ‘theory’ about him at 6:20!
By Beau Behan (Star Patcher)November 28, 2014

...Toward the end of the film, Hawking comes to America for a speech. As he's taking audience questions, a woman near the front row drops her pen. Director James Marsh then imagines a moment where Hawking -- who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, or ALS, in 1963 -- slowly begins to rise out of his wheelchair. He walks off the stage, bends down and proceeds to hand the woman her wayward writing instrument, a simple gesture that is commonplace for so many viewers. But in a single cut, Hawking is back in his wheelchair, the dream of full body movement snapped back to his reality.
"I was so scared of it. In the script it read so beautifully," Redmayne told HuffPost Entertainment about the scene. "I had spent these months working on the physicality, but I was so scared to try that."...

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