Friday, February 13, 2015

Eddie plays the piano in People's Oscars portfolio videos - magazine scans, interviews & news

"I was working as a waiter in London. I was standing there with a tray with a load of champagne glasses on it. This
guy was like, “Oh, look over here, look over here!” and he put this one glass on top of all the others and the whole
tray smashed. I was like, alright, I’m gonna try and become a decent actor, so I don’t have to experience this again."

EDDIE REDMAYNE on his 88 keys to calm: “When I have useless anxieties, I play the piano.”

Eddie Redmayne in Feb. 26 People Magazine Oscars edition (x)

As If You Didn't Love Eddie Redmayne Enough Already, Now Watch Him Play Piano. Oscar favorite, 
Eddie Redmayne, says awards season has truly "been beyond my wildest dreams" In addition to Eddie 
Redmayne, Five other Academy Award nominees talk about their amazing journeys to the Oscars! Eddie 
Redmayne about how a super-embarrassing moment led him to acting | PEOPLE (x)(x) Youtube(x)(x)

brennabritton: People Mag-On set: it's all about the hat!! Eddie Redmayne on the set of
our Oscar portfolio---he's one charming class act! Oscar portfolio out TODAY!! (x)

Video: Oscar Contender: How Eddie Redmayne Transformed into Stephen Hawking
Redmayne said he worked for months to nail Hawking's movements and facial expressions.

Eddie Redmayne on meeting Stephen Hawking [x(x)

TAVIS SMILEY | Eddie Redmayne | February 10, 2015
Eddie shares how his own outlook on life has changed after having interacted with Hawking
and others impacted by ALS. (Tavis Smiley)


Oscar Nominees to Host Special Olympics Event With Maria Shriver
During Oscars weekend, Nicole Kidman, Maria Shriver, Eddie Redmayne, Laura Dern and
Matt Bomer will co-host the third annual Gold Meets Golden luncheon blending sports with
entertainment on Feb. 21 at the Equinox Sports Club Lounge. Proceeds from the benefit will
help fund the 7,000 athletes participating in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. (x)

Vanity Fair: The Men of the Year (Day Version)
Justin Timberlake Ansel Elgort Eddie Redmayne Ben Affleck BIG SEAN Darren Criss
Channing Tatum Benedict Cumberbatch Kanye West Pharrell Williams Bradley Cooper
Patrick Wilson - gabrielgutierrez design 2014 (x)

The Telegraph: Bafta winners 2015: 8 reasons to love Eddie Redmayne up he plays the painter Einar Wegener, one of the earliest people to change sex, in Tom Hooper's 
The Danish Girl. His rivals for the role were Marion Cotillard and Nicole Kidman, but fortunately he's 
much, much prettier than either of them.... (Click on the title link to read the full article)

On Tuesday Eddie started filming his new movie 'The Danish Girl'

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