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Hero Complex - LA Times: The Wachowskis long journey
...“Every single day for 10 years we’d come to set and people would be like, ‘What are we doing? What are we doing?'” Lana Wachowski said recently over drinks with her brother, Andy. “We’re like, ‘We need time.’ I remember thinking, we have to tell a story about time at some point. Time is the most important resource in human lives. It’s precious.”...
...“This is like diet ‘Matrix,'” Kunis said. “It’s not that complicated. The movie is about entitlement. It’s about the fact that we as a society have a sense of entitlement and greed.”...

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HITFIX Review: The Wachowskis bring mad style to the YA genre in 'Jupiter Ascending'
...Even so, I think the supporting cast picks up most of the slack, and overall, I enjoyed the energy of "Jupiter Ascending" almost as much as I admire the film's style. This is the first time in a while we've seen the Wachowskis cutting loose in big action set pieces, and there is a chase through Chicago that serves as a sort of destruction-based love letter to the city they love. There's also a six or seven minute digression into "Brazil" that I couldn't believe happened in a major motion picture, but that made me realize more than ever that I am very pleased the Wachowskis are the people who get to make these giant movies. They obviously love the world building, and they love the design side of things, and they love the action. While I don't think this is any danger of supplanting "The Matrix" as the film people know them for, I do think that it's a lovely reminder of just how aggressively creative and fun they can be...

YAHOO Movies: 6 Things in 'Jupiter Ascending' That Aren't Terrible
...the Wachowskis are too creative to not seed their film with delightful little treats for their loyal fans. Here are six of those fun elements that will leave you smiling if you brave the cold (and the reviews) and see Jupiter Ascending this weekend....

HITFIX: Best and Worst of 'Jupiter Ascending'
Well, when it's pretty it's certainly pretty, right?
10. Best and Worst: Eddie Redmayne
EddieRedmayne, who is still the frontrunner to win the Best Actor Oscar for "The Theory of Everything," has endured some unfair criticism for his performance in "Jupiter." Yes, his portrayal of the centuries old Balem Abrasax is quite "big" at times and he may have over thought how living over 10,000 years would affect his character's mind, but at least he's trying! Did you recognize any of that sort of commitment from Tatum and Kunis? No, we didn't think so either.

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Jupiter Ascending reviews from critics and users on
A lot of mixed, good and bad reviews collected in one place. A little taster:
  • Who cares if the story is occasionally impenetrable or if some gags land with a thud when the thrills and the eye candy keep coming at such a breathless pace? Jupiter Ascending doesn’t break the new ground that the Wachowskis have managed in the past...but the film never slacks in its efforts to wow us.... Redmayne manages to steal all his scenes as the universe’s most petulant would-be landlord... (x)
  • Eddie Redmayne and the costume department steal the limelight from Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum in the Wachowskis’ bizarre but entertaining sci-fi adventure...It’s common enough for supporting-turn Brit thespians to pinch a movie from under the American headliners’ noses. But rarely is this manoeuvre as outrageous and enjoyable as in the new sci-fi action-adventure from the Wachowskis....(x)
  • After reading reviews, went to see it prepared for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised! Decent action flick loaded with eye candy. would recommend and will see it again. (x)

Eddie Redmayne talking about Jupiter Ascending [video(x)

Jupiter Ascending reviews on Tumblr
Excerpts from Hope72's review:
Guys, whatever other critics write on Eddie Redmayne in this picture there is one thing that should be pointed out I think. Redmayne`s key point in any performance is transformation. Yes, Balem is ugly, repulsive, melodramatic and hysterical when losing. You will hate him with all your soul....
Eddie Redmayne does the most unusual ALIEN performance, something he has never done before. He trasforms himself once more into this totally ugly, absolutely inhuman, incredibly outwordly being and does so brilliantly - again....

My short review:
The first screening of Jupiter Ascending was on Thursday in my local Cinema and I went to see it. I like fairy tails, sci-fi and fantasy films so this was a film for me and I enjojed it. It wasn't perfect, but it was fan to watch, very unique and entertaining with brilliant action secquences and visuals. Eddie was impressive in his role. He was so good, I was overwhelmed and proud when I saw him in his scenes. I want to see the movie again.
Some reviewers criticize Eddie's whispery voice and his occasional screemings, they say it's ridiculous, but I think this fits Balem's aristocratic crazy-evil character very well. A lot of bad reviews appeared in the media. I think they take the movie too seriously, they are not open to the Wachowskis unusual ideas and underestimate the wonderful imaginative world they built up in the movie.

After I bought my ticket I noticed a box near the entrance with takeaway posters and I found this. :) (size 68x98 cm) Two weeks ago I was very upset, because I couldn't watch 'The Theory of Everything' in my local cinema (there wasn't screenings here). Now that I could get a poster,
I feel much better.

Video: Mila Kunis Jupiter Ascending interview
She talk a little about Eddie Redmayne from 2:27

Mila about Eddie in her Q&A with fans via @wbpictures twitter account.(via):

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