Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stand up to Cancer campaign on World Health Day

Eddie Redmayne’s powerful image is being used worldwide for the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.(via)
su2c(x): Stand up with us in honor of World Health Day and invest in life-saving cancer research.

Every year, the World Health Organization selects a priority area of global public health concern
as the theme for World Health Day, which falls on 7 April, the birthday of the Organization. 
From farm to plate make food safe (pdf)

gregwilliamsphotography (x): Great to see our #EddieRedmayne @su2c campaign in Times Square
An American friend informed me, that the billboards of Eddie are up all over major US cities!

Video, captures, gifs and article in The Times Magazine

The Cancer Research UK campaign was shot by English photographer Greg Williams.

Beautiful Eddie Redmayne portrait photographed by Greg Williams.
This is one of my favorites (x)

For Throwback Thursday I chose pics of Eddie Redmayne with Kristen Stewart.
Happy 25th Birthday Kristen! - my post on Tumblr


  1. My dad died from cancer a little over a month after this post. :(

    1. I'm sorry :( So many people dies in cancer, this is why support of the research is so important.


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