Monday, May 18, 2015

War Art documentary trailer pics, Sunday Times article, broadcast and screening

Update: WarArtWithEddieRedmayne trailer from Foxtrot Films on Vimeo

First look at Eddie in War Art with Eddie Redmayne [x]

Good news for early sleepers: War Art with Eddie Redmayne will broadcast
20 mins earlier on Sun 24th at 22:15 on @ITV  (x)

#Warart will be screened at this year's @hayfestival, Sun 31st. (x) - festival program

“"BAFTA winning dubbing mixer Matt Skilton working on War Art With Eddie Redmayne.” (x)
Could this be Eddie Redmayne playing the piano theme or the
Dazzle Ships music from War Art? Listen: Sample here
Sample the soundtrack, by Finn Keane, from War Art With Eddie Redmayne.

Eddie Redmayne: Art historian, painter, pianist. He shows unseen sides to his artistic
and creative nature in the War Art documentary airing May 24 on ITV. (x)

Full article in Sunday Times is behind a paywall, but readable clip was posted by Foxtrot Films 
(edited pictures below - original here)

Eddie Redmayne viewing Henry Tonk’s medical portraits of maimed veterans 

My related post:

Patrick Batty with Eddie Redmayne in front of the @artistsrifles war memorial
discussing their contribution to war art. (x) via

Eddie Redmayne at the artistsrifles war memorial at the royal acadamy (x) via

Eddie Redmayne in our library playing with Dazzle Ships! The art history grad presents WAR ART (x) via

Huge role for female artists during Operation Dazzle in #WW1.

There was a screening yesterday at the Gate Cinema (x)

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