Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Eddie deepens his support for UK MND Association

Eddie with Glenn Phillips, who helped him preparing for the role.
Eddie is now a patron just like Stephen Hawking.

Benedict Cumberbatch CBE, Eddie Redmayne OBE and Taron Egerton were yesterday announced as official supporters of the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.
Benedict and Eddie have joined the Association as ‘Patrons’, with Taron taking on the role of ‘Ambassador’.
Both titles are senior honorary roles, offered to high profile volunteers, for three and two years respectively. For Benedict and Eddie, the role of ‘Patron’ has been bestowed in recognition of their work to create awareness of MND, and of the Association, on a global scale. For Taron, the role of ‘Ambassador’ is in recognition of his family link to MND and his willingness to use his ever-increasing profile to create opportunities that benefit the MND Association. (x)

...Eddie recently visited an MND clinic in London to show his Oscar to one of the people who helped him understand the difficulties of living with MND, Glenn Phillips. Over the summers of 2014 and 2015 Eddie made Ice Bucket Challenge videos in support of the Association.
Eddie said: “I knew that understanding the disease was going to be the essential element of The Theory Of Everything. We were invited to visit MND clinics, and I went every couple of weeks for a few months so I could find out what life was really like for people living with the disease. These people were incredibly receptive, and really kind. All the understanding they gave me went into the film, and there’s no question that we couldn’t have done it without the help we had from everyone. Being a MND Association Patron tops off the life-changing experiences I had making this film, and learning about the devastation of motor neurone disease along the way”.

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Excerpt from Clemency Burton-Hill's interview:
Glenn, one of the MND patients, has invited Redmayne to his home in Watford, which has led to a lot of notes about corners and corridors. And penmanship: there’s a video of Glenn trying to pick up a biro and write his name. “That’s just absolutely exhausting, that is,” Glenn tells him on the video, with zero self-pity.
“And that’s critical,” Redmayne tells me. He’s been mining the screenplay, rooting out scenes in which the thumbprint of Hollywood might show up. He “pushed and pushed at the script, inflected it with details that felt true based on his grasp of Stephen’s physicality,” Marsh says. 
“He did a huge amount of work on the script, he was absolutely determined to do justice to the disease.” 
One scene had Hawking, frustrated by his failing hand when trying to write down an equation, ripping through the 
paper in fury. “He wouldn’t have been able to grip the pen,” Redmayne says, coolly. “There is no way he would 
have torn through a page.” So the scene went...(x)

thanks everyone for your support for the idea to donate as fans to the MND Association in honor of Eddie! especially thanks to @bespokeredmayne for her help in getting this off the ground! I’ve set up a JustGiving page through the MND Association where fans can donate, in honor of Eddie’s recent patronage of the MND Association, and in celebration of his upcoming birthday!
as fans, we know Eddie is so kind and generous and sweet, so lets try and pass that along! if you can, please consider donating and spreading the word about giving to this amazing cause!!

Updated on 18th October 2015

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