Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eddie on his Oscar night - News: Nov.21. TDG LA premiere - Nov.18. 'First look' on HBO

 My mosaic from TToE captures and set photos (click for full size) These are cropped images 
from the picture I made and sent to Eddie after he won the Best Actor Oscar.
I made this with the AndreaMosaic program - original photo is here (x)

“(Brie) Larson seems to be a natural at this sort of thing, just as Eddie Redmayne was last season. He did so many of these meet and greets over the six month awards season he proved impossible to beat (of course the brilliant performance helped too) even as Michael Keaton came on strong towards the end. Redmayne is in contention again this year with the November 27 release of The Danish Girl , but in contrast to his tireless work on the circuit last year, he barely will be touching down in Los Angeles as he is tied up working on JK Rowling’s new Warner Bros film, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. He will make it here briefly for the film’s November 21 premiere (a Saturday in part to accomodate his crazy schedule). Last year he went back and forth between prepping and shooting Danish Girl and promoting The Theory Of Everything eventually leading to Oscar, though he had to get on a plane the next day back to The Danish Girl set. He does remember that night itself as he told me when he spoke to me from London over the weekend. ‘I’ll never forget the moment when my name was called. You’re so adrenaline-fueled, and then you’re going straight into a press conference, and then you basically spend five hours with people asking how you’re feeling,’ he recalled. ‘Rationally you can’t take anything in. You’re just trying not to have sensory overload. It was only about four or five in the morning when we were back in the Sunset Tower overlooking Sunset Boulevard with about seven friends, and my wife Hannah and I , and the sun rising at that moment. That was the moment I will never ever forget. It was the moment I finally got to breathe.’ “So remember that for those Oscar hopefuls being shepherded from one event to the next, your next chance to breathe may sometime at the end of February. Enjoy.”

A nice comment on the lack of Oscar campaign from Twitter:

☆☆☆☆☆ “The care that Redmayne put into translating Lili’s story to the big screen
is clear in every moment of his performance.” - Esther Zuckerman, Refinery29 (x) via

"Redmayne gives the greatest performance of his career" 
@askdebruge @variety (from The Danish Girl Facebook page) via

News (x) via: Finally, a preview! HBO will air a “First Look” on The Danish Girl on Nov. 18,
a week before the film’s U.S. launch in New York and Los Angeles. HBO airs these specials with
behind-the-scenes footage and interviews provided by studios and they run from about 15-30 min.
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