Friday, October 16, 2015

The second trailer for 'The Danish Girl' arrived

New trailer for Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl, with Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander 
as Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival
and will open in US theaters on November 27th.

"Every morning I promise myself that I will spend the entire day as a man, 
but I think Lili’s thoughts, I dream her dreams..."


Nice words about Alicia from Eddie and Alicia about Eddie from Elle US, November 2015 (x)
...Reached by phone on the eve of the film's Venice debut, Redmayne recalls about Vikander: 
"When she came and auditioned to play Gerda, I was sitting behind the camera, and Tom was filming it, and when it got to the end of the scene I turned around to find Tom sort of crying." Redmayne adds, "She will make broad strokes and brave choices, and she will constantly challenge you to step up. She will continue surprising you, and you have to keep surprising her."
Alicia about working with Eddie: 
"To work with Redmayne, who is just the most generous person and actor, was amazing."

Quote from thedailybeast review of 'The Danish Girl' (x):
"Few actors bring such tenderness to their characters while at the same time communicating great inner strength and fortitude (those expressive eyes, shimmering with promise, help in this regard). This is the type of performance Oscars were made for, and Redmayne has mounted a very strong case for a second consecutive Best Actor nomination."

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