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New TDG stills and Magazine scans - Eddie's inspiration and early attemts

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander share a tender moment in The Danish Girl. (x)

Magazine scans - article about some bts details by Joe McGovern

For full size click on the pictures - the edited images allow you to read the article on the screen.

In this week’s EW issue, ... annual Holiday Movie Preview. Pick up the issue, on stands this Friday, for interviews ..., and a closer look at some of this holiday’s most anticipated films including Star Wars, The Danish Girl, Joy, The Revenant, Concussion, Point Break, Carol and more. (x)

Empire Magazine December 2015

"The film is an expression of unconditional love and where it can lead."


For full size click on the pictures!

“Gerda doesn’t mind a scandal. She enjoys being different.”
– The Danish Girl facebook page (viaTwitter

Ian McKellen: 
Eddie Redmayne’s inspiration, tormentor. 
Redmayne: ‘What I found is that I got into Shakespeare when I saw a film version of it with Gandalf playing Richard III, and that was when I first got really interested in theatre and in film’ (x)
McKellen: “I have the distinction of not giving Eddie Redmayne his first film role. He auditioned for one of the boys in “Richard III” (1996), and he didn’t get the part. Every time I see him, he teases, ‘You’re the guy who didn’t give me my first job’!” (x) via

Eddie's first TV appearance was much earlyer than we knew, long before his role in Animal Ark, even earlier than his West End debut in 'Oliver'. He appeard in a children's TV program at age 8. Timmy Mallett was the presenter of the show. It's a pity we don't have a video or at least a picture about the cute little Eddie.

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