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Ahead of the TDG USA release - new promo and interviews

AFTERELLEN (amazing new interview): 
...“I can see it’s a relationship where what happens when it’s a very big change, what happens and how two people really fight—it’s a lot of things that are tough to understand in this film, but that’s not the thing that got to me. It’s the moments when people show their unconditional love for each other. That’s what made me weep.”
Credit is also due, though, to the performances of the actors delivering these moments, and 
Alicia and Eddie are just as electric in moments of tenderness as they are in those of heated exchanges
“I think it comes out of the brilliant hard work he’s put into his character,” Alicia said. “The interesting thing was that Gerda and Lili had a very easy time in front of the camera, even though there were a lot of tough scenes that we did. And it’s because he had—you really felt the character become its true pure self, that Einar had those high collars and [was] still trying to fit in with society. Of course, they had their truthful moments but that was probably when Lili as Einar with her loved one was when she didn’t have to put up with all the manners and things. And I thought that was beautiful how he changed—Lili started to wear her female clothes and make-up but then, after half of the film, Lili actually started to shed. And in the end, it doesn’t matter what hair Lili has. It doesn’t matter if she’s in a hospital outfit that is very unisex. And still it was obvious that it was Lili; pure Lili.”...Read more - Amber Heard interview here

Ahead of the USA release in selected theatres more video interviews were released
New Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Tom Hooper and Lucinda Coxon interviews on my list

Collaboration with the talented YouTube vlogger Raymond Braun. He talked to Eddie,
Alicia and Tom about 'The Danish Girl' at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Thank to bespokeredmayne for the photos - you find these and more in her post
The videos are on my playlist

“Lile's story happened almost 100 years ago, and in the film you see violence against Lile,” said Redmayne. “You see problems as far as doctors are concerned and healthcare. What is astounding to me is that only now we’re getting to have that conversation and what a vicious reality it is. The amount of discrimination and violence against trans people, particularly trans women of color, is extraordinary. I find it amazing how long it’s been since Lile and Gerda’s story and how much progress there is still to be made.”...
"I hope this movie helps encourage people to keep talking about these issues," said Redmayne, "because there is still such a long way to go.”...

Indiewire: Tom Hooper Explains Why He Cast Eddie Redmayne as 'The Danish Girl'
"...I had the instinct to cast him when I first read the script. When you read something, you imagine an actor playing it. I'd already worked with Eddie when he was 22-years-old. He played somebody who rebels in "Elizabeth I." Rebelling against Helen Mirren doesn't play out very well, and he gets sentenced to death! He was so emotionally raw in that performance that even then I thought this guy has extraordinary gifts, and I wanted to a role where I could put him in the lead of a film. By the time I was in production, I'd actually had him in mind for a long time.
So, I suppose I feel that gender is a spectrum and we all have a balance of masculine and feminine. The thing about Eddie is he is drawn to the feminine. He has played women's parts before. He played girls' parts in school plays. He played Viola in "Twelfth Night." So, he had a body of work playing women's roles. I wanted him to go deeper into himself, dig into that feminine side..."

newrepublic: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
In 'The Danish Girl' womanhood is studies, perfected, and performed.
...“Redmayne was director Tom Hooper’s first choice for the role and it’s not difficult to see why: As Lili, Eddie Redmayne is beautiful. Slipping from boyish charm into feminine loveliness feels easy, almost natural. But that would be selling Redmayne short: It’s not just that he looks good as a woman; it’s that he excels at the performance of womanhood. Early in the movie, Gerda sketches her sleeping husband, his right hand laid delicately across his chest, almost caressing the left side of his neck. It’s a passing detail at the time, perhaps too affected and painterly, but later, it becomes a familiar position for Lili, a feminine, protective stance shielding her from the criticism of the world.
“Through this pose, as well as Redmayne’s shy smile and quick glances, we come to recognize Lili in Einar, even as the line between them blurs and finally, disappears. Even after Lili tries to go back to being Einar—makeup and wig removed, suit and tie restored—Redmayne’s face somehow remains that of Lili rather than Einar. It’s a remarkable performance, keyed in to the nuances of human movement and of the physical manifestations of gender. It’s not just Redmayne performing Einar and Lili; it’s also Lili’s performance of masculinity and femininity. She copies the movement of women’s hands while choosing fish at the market, she watches his wife coax stockings up her legs, she studies a naked woman pleasuring herself at a peepshow, drinking in the details, the desires, the limits of womanhood. By the end of the movie, it’s as if Einar never existed.”...(via bespokeredmayne)

nydailynews: Eddie Redmayne is outstanding as 'The Danish Girl'
“…Redmayne, who won an Oscar for turning himself into Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, makes a deep impact. You can’t take your eyes off the swanlike neck, coy smile, and expressive, ballerina-like body language and hands. But what makes the performance so persuasive and poignant isn’t about externals. It’s about what’s inside. By diving deep to convey an aching heart and soul, Redmayne drives The Danish Girl under our skin.” (via bespokeredmayne)

Advocate: The Education of Eddie Redmayne
...“A knowing smile spreads across his face, and he adds, ‘It’s such a simple thing to just be yourself, but I don’t think many of us ever find ourselves. We are always questioning, always challenging ourselves, but the idea of aspiring to do that and keeping on doing that is — well, I hope we can all learn from Lili’s leadership and courage.’” (via bespokeredmayne)

LA Times: Review: Exquisitely acted intimacy in 'Danish Girl' pulls you in
Kenneth Turan of Los Angeles Times calls Eddie Redmayne & Alicia Vikander "superior and sensitive performers who can be counted on to go at it as hard as necessary to completely inhabit their roles."

Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander & Matthias Schoenaerts attend 
The Danish Girl London film premiere Tue 8th Dec 2015

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