Wednesday, November 25, 2015

'The Danish Girl' clip, TV spot and Official Trailer 2 - articles

'Costume Party' clip

Eddie Redmayne talks about ‘The Danish Girl’ his new J.K. Rowling project, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ 
...Mr. Redmayne, who is 33, talked about the challenges of the role in New York on a brief stop before heading
back to the U.K. There, he is shooting his biggest commercial project yet.... Read the interview here

 my screenshots (for full size click on the picks)

The Danish Girl - Stunning Review TV Spot - In Theaters Nov.27.

Eddie Redmayne radiates empathy in an award worthy performance

My gifs from the 2. Official trailer - there are not much new element in it.

BuzzFeed News: Eddie Redmayne’s Complicated Masculinity
Interview by Meredith Talusan BuzzFeed LGBT Staff Writer
Eddie Redmayne in New York City on Nov. 7, 2015. Photos by Jared Harrell (x) via
(Very interesting interview with beautiful photos of Eddie)

Vogue: Eddie On Being Seen As A Woman and Nudity
"Just walking onto a set filled with men, watching the difference in how you're treated, or the scrutiny. The gaze was overwhelming," he told Details. "A lot of the women I worked with said, 'Yeah, welcome to our world.'"
"Any time you get naked in front of a crew, it's embarrassing," he said. "It's not as if we as actors have some way of becoming comfortable with it. It would be exactly like you getting naked in front of 30 people. I have a fear of the talk shows on this one. They always say, 'Tell me a funny story,' but this film was so intense. We won't be putting out a gag reel."

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