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Alicia Vikander and Tom Hooper on Eddie Redmayne - interviews, promo

Alicia spoke to TheWrap about her audition for the role of Gerda - on Youtube

Alicia Vikander has only praise for her “Danish Girl” co-star Eddie Redmayne — and said they connected when
she auditioned for the film. “He’s an extraordinary actor and a wonderful, incredible friend and man,” Vikander told TheWrap. “To see when I came to my audition the amount of work he had put in … I was already so impressed there.”...
“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so safe as I felt in that room and in an audition before. Eddie and Tom were already there,
and they just said, ‘Lets just sit down and talk for half an hour.’ So that’s actually what we did.”
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My screencaps from the Courage TV spot (x)
The Sidney Morning Herald: 
..."We had a full-time three-week rehearsal before we shot anything," Hooper says. "The sets were all marked out with tape, at full scale on our studio floor. We had props and furniture for all the scenes and, most importantly, we rehearsed chronologically, in a linear fashion, for all of it." ...
...Rehearsals for Redmayne were part of a process that spanned more than a year, says Hooper. 
"Eddie holds a little back when he rehearses," says Hooper. "But what was important for him was charting every stage 
of Lili's transition, because we couldn't shoot the story chronologically. 
"That's the really tough thing about film acting; you get out of sequence. But because we rehearsed, he was completely prepared. He had a ring binder literally filled with graphs and where he needed to be in every scene." 
In playing a real-life character, Redmayne felt a burden of responsibility, says Hooper. 
"The more he found out about Lili, the more he felt that burden. Yet despite all that anxiety and worry, when we came 
to shooting, when the camera was turning, he was able to be completely free of that. 
"The more I work with actors, the more I realise the ability to transcend one's anxiety is utterly central to being a great actor," Hooper says. "Anxiety affects your freedom to be in the moment and those actors who are not controlled by anxiety are free to be truly great." - Full interview here (Tom talks about the 'King's Speech as well)


 The Danish Girl promotions from France, Spain, Turkey, Portugal.(x) (x)
Screenshots from the movie on tumblr here

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