Thursday, January 28, 2016

Eddie Redmayne & Saoirse Ronan HFPA Red Carpet Interview screenshots

Cute Saoirse Ronan and Eddie Redmayne interview on the Golden Globes red carpet about home, 
his daring part, her gown, his pronunciation of her name – and Eddie’s impending fatherhood.

Ehm... I think... what, you dropping it already? As soon as I start to talk? Jesus. - gifset here

And you're gonna be a dad! So that's gotta be the best award ever.

 - I didn't know that! - It's quite exciting news.

- Did you tell me that the last time I saw you? 
- No, We hadn't told anyone at that point!

- Eddie, that's amazing! - I know, It's so exciting.
Congratulations. Thank you so much.

Because you held this, I'll hold your baby!

My screenshots from the video (for full size click on the pictures)

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