Tuesday, January 12, 2016

NBC Universal Golden Globes afterparty

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jessica_quill: After party vibes with my Eddie💕 Always a winner in my heart.

 Maryam Lieberman, Eddie Redmayne during the NBC Universal Golden Globes After Party 
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Eddie, Tom Hooper and Alicia Vikander at the NBC Universal Party (x)

lestudiophoto: Still having fun despite not bringing home the gold... Winners just for that! (x)

Eddie, Alicia, Trista Hidalgo, Cadence Valentine, Tom Hooper and misscarrieg at the NBC Universal Party (x)

Trista Hidalgo, Cadence Valentine, Eddie Redmayne, Hannah Bagshawe and Alicia Vikander
altarimagephoto: I just love them, such fabulous people. Thank you Eddie, Hannah and Alicia
for taking the time for a quick photo before you had to run to another party. You won :)
Cadence and Trista with Eddie last January shortly after he won a Golden Globe for TToE (x)

Cadence Liara Valentine is one of the trans women who alongside her partner Trista Hidalgo gave the most valuable help to Eddie and Alicia when they prepared for their role in 'The Danish Girl'
In the CSUN Today interview Cadence talked about herself and her meetings with Eddie Redmayne.

Excerpt from the article:
...Redmayne spent hours talking to Valentine and her partner, exploring the dynamics of their relationship and the strength of their commitment to each other when Valentine, then a perceptually male heterosexual, came out to Trista Hidalgo in 2011 and later transitioned.
“We pretty much opened up our entire lives to him and gave him a peak of what this whole experience was like,” Valentine said. “He was just amazing. I had been very, very nervous given all the politics in Hollywood and its representation of trans people. He understood. We both agreed that there are valid and inarguable problems regarding trans representation in the media. He got it, and I trusted that he would do a good job.”
Critics have lavished praise on Redmayne’s portrayal in “The Danish Girl” of 1920s landscape artist Einar Wegener, who transitions to Lili with the help of wife Gerda. But for Valentine, an advocate for the transgender community, the true test was whether Redmayne’s character accurately reflected what it is like to be transgender for her. 
“His depiction is very genuine,” Valentine said. “The film is astounding. It is, in my opinion, flawless....Read more

Another article by Cadence for Advocate magazine: 


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