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SZE-HO: The Danish Girl Venice interview in Hungarian Duna TV

The interview was at the Venice Film Festival on 6th Sept. 2015 aired on 13 Feb. 2016 (preview)
(available only til the end of March - with Hungarian voiceover)

Anikó Návai: Stephen Hawking last year, The Danish Girl this year. Where is the end of the bar...?
Eddie Redmayne: Gosh! Do you know what? I...when you start at acting, it's this thing millions people wanna do, you loved to do it as a kid, you love to do it, it's that thing you enjoyed at school. The idea that you ever get to do it as a career is absurd. Then when you're lucky enough to get an agent, you start audition at things and you get part is
great. A few years on, the fact that this year I got to play Lili and last year I got to play Stephen it's beyond dreams
and I don't expect to get the opportunity to play as interesting characters in the future. I was very lucky.

AN: Eddie this part previously was meant to be a Nicole Kidman part, then after many many reincarnations over the years. Did you follow this on the road, or did it come brand new to you?
ER: Came brand new to me. I was making Les Miserables with Tom Hooper. I was on barricades attemting to sing. One day Tom said I've got somethig for you to read...and he said nothing else. And I read it and it was blew my mind. I found it the most profoundly unique love story, and I found it also within that context of a story about autenticity and the courage that it takes to be yourself. And what I think is amazing, it's that those simple words be yourself feels like this should be the most simple thing in the World to do and they are the hardest thing to do and the society constructs feelings and makes that so complicated, when it should be so easy.

AN: Beeng yourself - what this means to you and how far are you in the search?
ER: Well I... I suppose the answer... it is a journey and I think...I suppose perhaps it's one never find it, because we are all subject to the people in our life, the surroundings, nurture and nature... and all of these things. I find to do acting, then this extraordinary absurd thing for you then suddenly ... then back to filming something else. It's weard to trying to find the peace, but I have a wonderful wife and a very brilliant family and so I think I'm O.K.

AN: Do you award yourself some halt time or is it going to move it, move it, move it? Do you love yourself enough
to give you some space?
ER: I think... it's interesting, that it looks like I'm going to move it move it move it, but actually I made one film last year 'The Theory of Everything' and then this year 'The Danish Girl' and ... used a lot of time promoting those films, if you care about to trying to help them find an audience, but there is lots of time, there is long time. And London for me is home and we love exploring it, and then often we go to the country...

AN: We're getting into the awards season again. Now you have a bit of routine. How much do you trying to do it
different from last year?
ER: Gosh! I suppose the difference for me... this is about the film. We spent six years preparing to make this film's just anout getting it out into the World, and frankly the build up the last night when I saw the film was so intense, ..If people enjoy it and there is buzz around it that's wonderful, I hope it helps find the audience, but for the moment I'm just taking a moment of calm, the relief.... because you do your vibrotating...the second the audience sees it it's not for yours..yeah

(Sorry for the accidental mistakes, it was hard to understand some words they said, 
because the voiceover was a bit disturbing. Most of the text is correct.)

Az aranylányok és aranyfiúk ebédje...Véletlen, hogy Nemes Lászlót pont Leonardo DiCaprio után hivták szinpadra?A többit szombaton, a SzeHo-ban a Duna TV-n!
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