Monday, March 14, 2016

More from Eddie's Japan trip - TV programs, sightings

Japanese TV programs reported about 'The Danish Girl' Tokyo premiere and aired some Eddie Redmayne
and Tom Hooper interviews. Thanks to loveddie25, who posted the videos on tumblr. 


Eddie Redmayne live on morning TV in Japan Thursday. (x)

loveddie25: The interviewer said “Eddie drank tea as soon as he was embarrassed” …かわいい!!

Videos from loveddie25 (interviews, reports from the premiere): 
Eddie in Japan TV programs captures, gifsets, videos here
(including my screenshots and gifsets from the videos)
(The pictures above are my edits/screenshots)

FUJI TV program on Tuesday morning (x) - my screenshots - video

Fan adventure: Eddie Redmayne in Japan on 8th March 2016 (x) via

Eddie Redmayne sighting in Kyoto, Japan, where he’s bundled up in his favorite cap and scarf. (x) via

...Huge crowd gathered at a lobby at a cinema complex in Tokyo to greet the handsome actor. Tickets to the event were sold out in 7 minutes!...
Redmayne got up at 4am due to jet lag and went over to the famous Tsukiji fish market at 5am, only to find out that no visitors were allowed in at the time… Meanwhile, director Tom Hooper went to Asakusa Temple in Tokyo to wish for movie’s success...

Updated on 15 March 2015

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