Sunday, March 6, 2016

More photos from the Telegraph magazine & lovely TDG interview



(excerpts from the article by Todd Aaron Jensen via bespokeredmayne)

“You might reasonably figure that being a reedy Brit, freckled by way of Jackson Pollock and crowned with a ginger mop would limit a young actor’s choice in film roles, but Eddie Redmayne, poised to join the rarefied ranks 
of Tom Hanks and Spencer Tracy with back-to-back acting Oscar nods, is perfectly fine defying your expectations 
each and every time he appears onscreen...

“Less austere than Michael Fassbender, less combustibly street-smart than James McAvoy, less jock and jocular than Chris Pratt, to pluck but three other male stars in their 30s for compare, the 34-year old Redmayne could be well described as a chameleon, a latter-day hero with a thousand faces....

“Beyond his impeccable taste in screen roles (save, perhaps, the interplanetary hokum of The Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending), Redmayne’s Polaris as one of his generation’s finest actors seems cribbed from master thespian Jack Nicholson, who once advised rookie performers to “just let the wardrobe do the acting.” Possessed of a certain sartorial spunk, Redmayne, recently named British GQ’s Best-Dressed Man, clearly knows his knickers from his chokers, his gabardine from his spectacles, his musket from his maquillage. In Theory of Everything, Redmayne transformed from the young, able-bodied Hawking into the physically decimated lion of science, a truly stunning metamorphosis the actor believes resulted from his five months of intense reading of astrophysics and studying of Hawking’s videotaped appearances so that “all the physical elements of the performances were so embedded and just second nature.” Even in the universally panned Jupiter, Redmayne – chomping every bit of scenery in sight as Balem Abrasax, a high-ranking alien with designs on ruling the galaxy – cuts a dashing, fearsome figure, decked out in a black and gold cape, billowing trousers, and a set of abs that might send Hugh Jackman running to Weight Watchers...

Quotes from Eddie
"She is beginning at last to have the environment in which she can learn – or relearn – her femininity, so she's watching all of the other women in the ballroom. She is studying these women, learning from them, copying them. She is finding out how she can discover and embrace and exist inside her own femininity."...
“The question of what it is to live an authentic life, that’s a complicated one. I’m not sure I can articulate any of the answers I found by playing Lili, but I feel like I most certainly found them. I hope, then, that every one who sees The Danish Girl might be galvanized themselves to lead more authentic lives. How much lovelier would the world be then?”...



  1. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.
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    1. Thank you! I'm happy you like my blog. I spend many times with research. I search infos and pictures on the web, from Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and GOOGLE. You find the sources if you check the links in my posts (marked with blue text or (x) signe). You find links to my favorit blogs on the sidebar, I often collect material from their posts and make edits (screenshots, gifs and collages) myself too.


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