Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pixie for the National Puppy Day

Meet Pixie, the Jack Russell who plays Lili and Gerda's beloved dog Teddy, in this bts video.

The couple’s beloved dog, played by a pooch named Pixie, actually resembles the Wegeners’ real pet. 
“We had some amazing takes where we were doing some amazingly intense [emotional] scenes, and 
the dog would be licking my face,” producer Mutrux said. “We cut out the takes Pixie stole.” (x)

my screenshots from the video

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander with Pixie in The Danish Girl

Awards Daily: [Laughs] They say never work with children or animals. 
Lucinda Coxon: I’m embarrassed to say that one of the most exciting and fun things was doing the dog auditions. They said to me,”You might not want to come in tomorrow morning because we’re auditioning dogs.” I was like, [laughs] “Hell, I am in for that!” I needed to come in for that. Who’d not want to be at the dog audition? 
AD: What was that like? How many dogs did you go through for that? 
LC: It was great! It was probably five and Pixie was the clear winner for me. Some of the others had really extravagant tricks that they could do and I thought maybe I could write that trick in, like where the dog comes in carrying a tray with a martini on it, but none of them really looked like pets. Just when they were sitting waiting to do their auditions, if you go and sit and talk with the handlers, they were kind of show dogs performing. Pixie was the dog where when you went and sat down, she immediately came and sat next to you and rested her head in your lap and looked up at you. I thought that’s what you need, a dog that likes people.

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