Sunday, March 6, 2016

Venice Beach March 2, 2016 - California seaside holiday continues

  Sunshine, glamour – and a snog. Eddie and Hannah in Venice Beach California on Wednesday (x)

Enjoying his extended stay in LA, Eddie says the sunshine is one of the biggest draws. 
“This time of the year, you find that many Brits come over to Los Angeles. It’s so hideous in London 
and we get a moment of sunshine and glamo​u​r over here.​” He revealed his disappointment at not 
being able to film in the US while working on a recent film project - and instead was stuck in Watford.​ 
Eddie says despite his superstar status he has still yet to travel to exotic parts with Hannah.
“​I’ve just finished a film called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is J.K. Rowling’s 
new film that is set in the 1920’s in New York. Filmed in Watford. Glamorous Watford just outside 
of London. “My wife and I were both hoping – we found out it was being set in New York. "We 
thought we were going to get a nice jolly to New York but unfortunately Watford provides wonderful 
New York occasions.” (

bespokeredmayne: It’s California, and if you’re a celebrity like Eddie Redmayne out-and-about 
with your pregnant wife, you’re a paparazzi magnet.

“We ​got our first book, which is looking at us, and we are staring guiltily as we should be learning ​
how to be parents​, but we haven’t ​opened them yet. “​We have got a while.”...”I love being married. 
"I feel so settled in my skin. So lucky to have the most wonderful, supportive, beautiful wife.” (x)

slideshow video from JustJared gallery photos

Eddie Redmayne wraps his arm around his pregnant wife Hannah Bagshawe as they make 
their way down Abott Kinney Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon (March 2) in Venice, Calif. 
The 34-year-old actor and Hannah made a stop for lunch at popular restaurant Gjusta and 
picked up some new clothing at Scotch & Soda. Eddie recently opened up about why he has 
Hannah style him on the red carpet. “I have a very wonderful stylist in the form of my wife. 
I’m color blind, so occasionally I’ll go for things that are slightly outlandish and she’ll 
temper me back into the world of taste,” he explained to Vogue Australia. (x)

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