Friday, July 29, 2016

Lichfield Cathedral WWI project - my involvement in it

"Before Action" is a unique and one off Art installation - throughout the inside of Lichfield Cathedral. 
The installation features bespoke recordings of 4 poems by Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne 
which will be seen in their entirety for the first time during the 3 day installation...
Entry to the installation is free and entry will be every 30mins until 11pm with a 
unique end to the installations at 12 midnight each evening. - Read more
Eddie Redmayne will NOT be at the sculpture exhibit. Peter Walker said he has another commitment, but this 
project is very close to his heart so I decided to take part in it as well with a reading. I chose the poem by an
unknown soldier written in pencil on the chalk roof of a tunnel at La Boiselle. This is the poem Eddie wrote on 
the cover of his script as an inspiration, when he prepared for the role of Stephen Waysford in the BBC 
adaptation of the Sebastian Falks novel "Birdsong". (x)
Update Jan 25, 2017: The poem read by Eddie in a bts video
“If in this place you are detained, 
don’t look around you all in vain, 
but cast your net and you will find, 
that every cloud is silver lined. Still.”

“Bajtárs, ki itt bent rekedsz, 
ne veszítsd el mind hited, 
ki elhiszi, reménye nem hiú, 
meglátja, innen is van kiút.”
(Translated by Eszter Domonkos)
In honor of Eddie's commitment other Redmayniacs read too, there are a few who already
If you don't know yet what to read, you find beautiful poems here

Updated on 2 August 2016

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